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  • karendmiller

Welcome to Hack-Hub!

Learning how to hack ethically can be intimidating, given the fine line between what is legal and safe and what could potentially cause harm to systems. Especially as a beginner, knowing what resources and tools can be trusted and used to advance your ethical hacking skills can be a challenge, even more so when they are often scattered across the internet.

I created Hack-Hub as an ongoing project to centralize helpful resources for hackers of all levels, starting with those that I have found most valuable during my own continuous learning experience, and those which are highly regarded in the security community. I hope that this allows for aspiring hackers to spend less time searching and more time learning.

I also created the "TRUSTED" acrostic to inform on best practices when learning how to hack and to provide some guidance on how to avoid damage to systems and/or legal implications.

Hack-Hub is not meant to limit individuals, and I encourage exploration of resources not mentioned on this website as there are many. Thorough research can aid in determining whether a resource can be trusted. Resource and tool recommendations are welcome via the contact form on the home page for those wishing to share their own discoveries.

Please check back often as, even now, I have a long list of items queued up to share, including a new section for books, and the website will be updated regularly. Thank you for visiting Hack-Hub, and good luck in your ethical hacking journey!

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